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TruePartner let you experience the magic of ad-free prospect news by providing the real-time sending of personalized email with one click that is widely loved by the top performing sales repositories.

This application will help the user to increase his sales by collecting interesting information about his buyers mostly from Twitter and LinkedIn so that the user can easily target his audience according to their interests in selling his goods. The user can also integrate third-party applications such as Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Salesforce, and Gmail account for further enhancement in audience’s information collection, or can use the TruePartner Google Extensions to maintain his prospects.

TruePartner | Pikes Soft

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Personalized Sales Repos


B2B (business-to-business)

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JavaScript, ReactJs, NodeJs


Finding the best possible buyers for your products without much hustle is always a tough task for a startup, especially when you do not want to do more of a physical effort to introduce yourself and your product across the region.
Our Client wants to gather the most fit buyers and investors for any kind of sales services just by providing the least possible information about the them.
TruePartner is supposed to solve all these hurdles by bringing everything at one platform for all kind of users to interact with users all over the globe.

TruePartner | Case Study
TruePartner | Case Study


Pikes Soft brought the best of his expertise in Web Application and introduced the solution to provide all these facilities on one screen. Our highly skilled UI/UX designers and engineers made sure that the best possible quick fix is unfolded in minimum time.
We developed Web Application along with the Google Chrome Extension as well that answered all their queries and provided them the solution they were looking for.


  • Personal Interests (Upload content and let AI do the rest)
  • Email Personalization (Personalized in 2 minutes)
  • Direct Mail Personalization.
  • Google Chrome Extension.
  • Data Managers Chrome Extension.
Almana General Hospital
TruePartner | Case Study


  • Workflow Automation:
    All Emails and CSVs are tracked.
    Managing Newsfeed for multiples users simultaneously.
    Sending Email by one click directly from the home page.
  • Quick and Easy Approval:
    Artificial Intelligence and Web Scrapping handling everything.
    Reliable data monitoring and real time statistical analysis.

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