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Almana General Hospital

Since 1945, Almana General Hospital has been dedicated to bringing standard setting healthcare. The first private general hospital in the Eastern Provence and, one of the oldest and largest medical company in Gulf Region, AGH continue its tradition of excellence today.

The hospital is consistently maintained to be preferred tertiary care hospital among public and referral center for other health care providers in the region. Al Mana Medical Group, Ibrahim Al Mana and brothers’ company is the largest medical company and healthcare services provided in the Easter Province. AGH as keeping its heritage of innovation and expansion encompasses four tertiary care hospital, 8 outpatient medical centers and render many health care services to third party.


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Our client is a well-known private medical organization that has been providing high quality health care facilities for over 70 years. They were finding it hard to manage clearness management application that was making it tough for the user to handover their perks in time.
The other major challenge AGH was having is the governing of staff attendance which was proving to be a hurdle in managing the employee vacations.
The last but not the least was the E-service AGH was lacking that includes salary management, online tickets etc.

Almana General Hospital


PikesSoft brought his expertise of handling E-services and Mobile Application and introduced the solution to resolve AGH’s difficulties. Our talented designers and developer made sure that the best solution is evolved.
We developed Web Application along with Admin Panel and Mobile Application as well that answered all their queries and provided them the solution they were looking for.


  • E-services (Profile, salaries, leave, attendance, online tickets)
  • Clearness management system.
  • E services mobile app.
  • Attendance mobile app.
  • Attendance portal.
Almana General Hospital
Almana General Hospital


  • Workflow Automation:
    All system and files activities are tracked.
    Manage document flow for multi user approval requirement.
  • Quick and Easy Approval:
    Ease of meets functionality.
    Give document approval or rejection on the swiftly in a time efficient manner.

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