Problem Statement

First of all, whenever a contractor and Tradesman create a contract with each other, the details of the contracts were shown on the side Hamburg menu, which we think was a major design issue because if the contractor/ tradesman made more than 5 or 6 it will all be listed in the Hamburg menu which was a very bad UX from user experience view.

Secondly, the UI wasn’t designed Aesthetic (Not according to the modern UI) and design components were not defined in the design file. Typography was not defined also (there was a mixture of fonts used accordingly)


We had to define a design system and create a User journey but as the first release was launched and we had to stick with the same logo and color scheme as it was requested by the client that original identity of the app don’t lost in revamping the current design. So we had to stick with same logo and color scheme with New Interface look.

We had to keep all the risks involve and the target audience as well.

Secondly, we had to improve the App and introduce a new feature in the design. So user will have more screens to explore.

Gigmi 2

Tools & Technologies

• Figma

• Adobe Photoshop

• React Native

T T scaled