Problem Statement

In Previous Design, there was a major issue of User Journey and it was very difficult for the user to explore all the options available.

There was no Search Option Available if the user want to explore or visit any specific doctor, he has to click on the option of book an appointment to reach the expected result.

There was no proper navigation at the bottom to get quick access to the profile, messages, and recent appointments you have done.

We had to improve the user journey for booking appointments but the flow should remain the same.


The Challenging part for us was to change the UI and client stream of currently made application with a similar funtionality.

We had to map out all the functionalities which were in the previous app should also be accommodated in the New design and Components.

We had to improve the user experience by keeping the target audience in mind and had to conduct surveys that how other competitors are dealing with and what our target audience needs.

project almana


We revamp the design according to Modern UI and minimalized the screens as much as we could.

Keeping in mind the challenges we had we improve the Search navigation so the patient can explore maximum results.

Designed bottom navigation for the user to allow quick access to the profile, appointments & Inbox.

We allowed all the Main Options to get access from the Home and divided all the options into specific menu options

OPD scaled

Tools & Technologies

• Figma

• Adobe Photoshop

• React Native

• Google Form (For Conducting Surveys)