Problem Statement

This application is basically used for almana employees as they have over 6500+ employees and more than 800+ doctors in around 8 medical facilities so it was very difficult for the organization to keep track all of them manually.

Employees had to apply for leave-on paperwork and it was a long queue to approve that leave which took a lot of time for employees if they need an emergency leave.

Also keeping track of current applications and previous leaves was very difficult manually (they had to go to the concerned department and ask about their leave status).

almana hospital 3


Need to make a user-friendly design as most of the users were new to the automation system and not familiar to apply for online leave.

Tracking of online application for the user to see the current status of their application, whether it is approved or rejected or in the way of the process.



The main menu was designed simple so everyone can use the app accordingly. All Main options were placed on the home dashboard where everyone can access it easily.

If any employee faces any problem, they can apply for an online ticket where they can approach management to solve it.

Employees can track application status and apply for new Application too.

All Employees can check their previous leaves and annual leaves left, also their check-in time at the hospital.


Tools & Technologies

• Figma (Design)

• Adobe Photoshop

• React Native(Development)

• Google Form (For Conducting Surveys)